Mazda Protege5 Sport Wagon

Frank's Friendly Cars Maui Car Rental LLC is always looking for better ways to serve customers. This means updating and expanding the rental fleet. For reasons that we don't really think we need to go into here, our bread and butter vehicle is the station wagon, aka elsewhere as the "break," or "estate." The Toyota Corolla wagon, wildly popular with our customers, was last imported into the US in 1996. All of our fleet Corollas undergo complete overhaul and renovation of the engine, drive-train, body, and interior components; the magic we work on these cars is so effective that we repeatedly hear from customers that their car "is in amazing condition, considering its age." However, on our tiny island, there are just not enough Corolla wagons - we've already bought most of the roadworthy specimens for our fleet. This poses a problem, as it limits our ability to expand our fleet and keep to the same standard of safety, reliability, comfort, and practicality that we can offer with the Corolla wagon. After extensive evaluation, we've decided to add a second line of wagons, and we've selected a new fleet vehicle that is already proving to be just as wildly popular with customers as the Corolla: the Mazda Protege5, also known outside the US as the 323 or Familia S-Wagon.

The Protege5 is a "sport wagon," meaning a cross between a hatchback and a station wagon. It combines practicality with performance, sexy styling, and economy. According to Mazda's President and CEO, Takashi Yamanouchi, Mazda's mission is "providing 'Zoom-Zoom' cars that are fun to drive." The Protege5 fully lives up to this vision. The 2002/2003 model that we are adding is the end result of nine successive generations of development that started in the early 60's, making it a sophisticated, reliable platform. These cars get fantastic consumer reviews. Owners gave it an average of 4.6 on a scale of five stars in reviews posted on

We have a few of these cars already in the fleet, and more coming through 2011. Book'em, while they last, and please don't come crying after they're all gone.

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